Barbara A. Friedberg

Barbara A. Friedberg,

Investing isn't rocket science. With a modicum of investment knowledge and discipline, anyone can build wealth through investing. It's an honor to be able to help others add to their financial toolkit.

Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS is an experienced investment portfolio manager, fintech consultant, expert investor, and adjunct professor at Santa Clara University and Lebanon Valley College.

As a freelance columnist, she has written for U.S. News & World Report for several years, concentrating on robo-advisors and investing topics.

Barbara’s other work has been featured on:

  • Investopedia
  • CNBC
  • The Balance
  • GoBanking Rates
  • InvestorPlace
  • Seeking Alpha
  • PBS-NextAvenue
  • MarketWatch
  • MSN Money
  • And others
  • Visit her press page for a complete list of published works.

In addition to her written work, she is CEO of the fintech website, a robo-advisor review and information website, and the internationally recognized investing website,

She has also authored of 3 successful books:

How to Get Rich: Wealth Building Guide for the Financially Illiterate (2013) How to Get Rich; Without Winning the Lottery: A Guide to Money and Wealth Building (2014) Invest and Beat the Pros-Create and Manage a Successful Investment Portfolio: Best Research Supported Index Fund Strategy (2015) Ms. Friedberg has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Cincinnati and holds an MBA (with a Finance concentration) from Penn State University.

She currently resides in San Jose, California.

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